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About Super Cellars in Ridgewood, NJ 07450

Super Cellars is a dedicated group of retailers with more years of experience than they want to admit to. Those many years have entailed many, many hours of tasting, sampling, laughing, eating and enjoying the best of the best. It's a tough job but we're still up to the task! Talk about crying in your champagne! We have our fun. We enjoy discovering wines before the scores hit ( we do work at those three hour lunches) and usually hope they don't. Does anybody really read this "about us" stuff?
So what we got here so far reads like a bunch of nonsense if you ask me, but the tech guys are on my back about this "about us section" so I have to continue with the blah, blah, blah...
Ok, so what makes us any different than the other half dozen or so wine sites you can visit online? We have a slogan/tag line/motto that wraps up our gig. It's pretty simple really, "All Wines Online...On sale". Think about it, we offer our best price from the first bottle you buy and every bottle you buy. No cases to mix, no cards to carry, no hoops to jump through, and I know we're priced well 'cause the accountant keeps pissin' n' moaning about the margins (sorry guys).
So there you have it, almost a full page, have some fun shopping and if there's anything that you are interested in and cannot find on, please feel free to contact us ( we'll probably be at lunch) and we'll get back to you ASAP.
Thanks for finding us on the web and taking the time to read this drivel.

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